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Here for you


People embark on counselling and psychotherapy for a number of reasons. Some want to gain clarity on an issue, change an old pattern of behaviour, some want to untangle personal or relationship issue. Some people seek counselling because they feel they are not functioning well, others are encouraged by family or friends. For some people counselling is about their own personal development or about enhancing their life and performance.

At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy in Kraków Kliny the most common reason for counselling and psychotherapy are depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship difficulties, phobias and stress, although we have helped people in the past with many other difficulties as well.

Depression - stress- anxiety- relationships- bereavement - work/career- low self-esteem- lack of confidence- anger- traumas- phobias- self-development - adjustment to major changes/ sudden crisis.

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I came to counselling because of problems in my personal relationship.  I was apprehensive and a bit scared but Joanna's style and approach made it easy for me to overcome those fears.  I found the experience to be challenging but always positive.  At the end of my time with Joanna I left feeling good about myself and the future.  I would readily recommend Joanna to anybody who thinks counselling could help them.