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Here for you




At Kraków Counselling I offer individual and couple sessions for adults. Sessions last usually 50 minutes. During the first session you tell us me why you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy. I tell you who I am and how I work. Together we decide how we can both work to help you.

I do not believe that there is one right way that works for everyone. That's why I try to find therapeutical approach that suits you, whether it is using elements of solution focused approach, cognitive behavioural techniques or good, old counselling or psychodynamic psychotherapy. I do know how counselling and psychotherapy works, but you know what works for you.


At Kraków Counselling I work with Children and Adolescents using either family therapy, talking therapy, art or play therapy, depending on the presenting issue and the age of the child.

Usually the first meeting is with the parents and the child, to understand the difficulties from the family perspective. I try to gain a little bit of insight into the nature of the difficulties by understanding different perspectives of the problem and the developmental history, meeting with parents only and with the child on their own. Afterwards, depending on the need, we arrange regular family meetings or individual sessions for the child.

The child lives within the family system and the family involvement is always encouraged.


All the relationships go through different stages, some of which are difficult. The way a couple overcomes their difficulties can make their relationship stronger and allow them to enjoy their life together at a deeper level.

Sometimes couples do not resolve their difficulties in hope that it will work itself out. Sometimes they stop talking about the issue because the topic is too painful, because they do not know how to start, because each time they try, they end up arguing. When you stop communicating though, the misunderstandings and resentments start to gather. That's when coup therapy is needed.

You wonder how can couple therapy help? After all You did say to each other everything many times, so what can change? During the sessions the experienced therapist will slow your communication down so that you start hearing not only each other's words but also the emotions. You can learn how to communicate better and to understand each other's needs. You may discover that you are stuck in an unhelpful pattern of behaviours that destroys your intimacy, and learn new ways of behaving. You may discover what are the strengths of your relationship. In any case, you will be surprised how different talking during the therapy session is.


If you wait until very late in the game, to seek couple therapy, when the layers of misunderstandings and resentments gathered over the years, one of you may call it quits. Come early and you will benefit from a better relationship.

Training and Workshops

At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy I offer training, facilitation, courses and groups in the area of mental health and well being.

I have a wide experience of delivering training to various professionals in a number of settings, for example training for Schooland University staff, in the Voluntary Sector and within NHS. Training and workshops can be tailored to what you need and the time you have available.

Examples of the training/workshops provided in the past include:

  • Self Esteem Booster
  • Assertiveness Group
  • Coping with Stress
  • 'Learn How to help Children using elements of CBT
  • Effective Listening
  • Introduction to Children and Young People’s Mental Health
  • Childhood depression and its treatment
  • Anxiety- Children and Young People
  • Understanding and Risk Assessing Self Harm
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    To arrange a telephone consultation or to book your first appointment, please call us on: 508 895 880

    When you know something is not right with yourself, whether it be physical pain or emotional unrest, it should not be put to the back of your head, where slowly it can eat away at you. Over time I let this happen, hiding physical pain and emotional sadness for the sake of others, therefore forgetting about my own life and happiness. I would plod along going from day to day, as if life was a production line.

    Having lost family members in the past 2 years, undergoing a serious operation, fearing redundancy and breaking up with a long term partner, I felt like my head was like a volcano, a volcano that would not release pressure...

    Nothing made me happy nor sad, distancing myself from loved ones and having no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Unsure how to proceed, a family member suggested I see a counsellor. Very reluctant to do so, 'why would I need to see anyone?' I took out the yellow pages, and emailed Joanna first. This made the initial contact very easy. Then a call to arrange a meeting, I had no need to be so reluctant.

    I met with Joanna in a very friendly private atmosphere, where she diagnosed me with depression. We talked and after every visit a felt more of a weight lifting off my head, the volcano was starting to release pressure. And over time I learnt how to deal with how I was feeling and have the strength to ask myself the questions 'what I needed, and what I wanted?'.  I now have my life back on track, back with my partner and have no worries with what the future brings. With the help of Joanna I am happier than ever, as I said to her you 'fixed me'.

    C.W. (Reactive Depression)