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Here for you


When I went to see Joanna I had already tried counselling and found that I wasn't getting much from my sessions. I was depressed and finding it hard to change anything about my life. Joanna was receptive and kind. She explained that her approach was not one-dimensional but could encompass various techniques and it would depend on what worked for me. Her knowledge, combined with her genuine compassion and interest in helping people explore their problems, helped me tremendously. Joanna helped me to put things into perspective, learn to evaluate situations more clearly, explore my issues and set me on the right path. I will always be thankful I found her.

How would I describe my time spent with you? When we first met I was in a total mess, nothing made any sense and I was afraid of the outside world and my control of life. From the very first meeting, you put me at total ease, talking to you was not a problem as you always listened. I was able to discuss things that had happened in my life that I have never discussed before and I found out things about myself I had never realised. Over the time I was attending the counselling we covered many areas and fears I had and we were able to put these into context. Today I have learnt from you how to cope with the stresses of work and everyday life, I have more self belief and I am looking for a new challenge in life. I credit this to the help you have given me and will be always grateful to you. It took courage to admit I could not solve everyone's problems but you helped me to realise that. Thanks B.L. (Stress and Anxiety)

Joanna helped me overcome fear and anxiety. I have always been afraid of confronting people and standing up for myself. Joanna helped me to see that there was nothing to fear and I was able to make sense of my feelings and as a result I have learned to overcome in this area of my life. I never realised how much it had been holding me back, and through the sessions we unravelled the reason behind my feelings and fear.

Joanna does not tell you what you should do but through her patience and expert counselling she enables you to take control and come to a realisation of the root of the problem and then works with you to deal with that root. I feel so liberated and am eternally thankful to her.

Joanna allowed me to put my difficulties into context and recognise that few could have lived up to the expectations that I have set myself. The experience has also encouraged me to recognise what's important in life and what matters most, as sometimes we lose our way through no fault of our own.

I came to counselling because of problems in my personal relationship.  I was apprehensive and a bit scared but Joanna's style and approach made it easy for me to overcome those fears.  I found the experience to be challenging but always positive.  At the end of my time with Joanna I left feeling good about myself and the future.  I would readily recommend Joanna to anybody who thinks counselling could help them.

Can I once again thank you for your time with me.  It has made a big difference to my relationship with and my general sense of well being.

When you know something is not right with yourself, whether it be physical pain or emotional unrest, it should not be put to the back of your head, where slowly it can eat away at you. Over time I let this happen, hiding physical pain and emotional sadness for the sake of others, therefore forgetting about my own life and happiness. I would plod along going from day to day, as if life was a production line.

Having lost family members in the past 2 years, undergoing a serious operation, fearing redundancy and breaking up with a long term partner, I felt like my head was like a volcano, a volcano that would not release pressure...

Nothing made me happy nor sad, distancing myself from loved ones and having no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Unsure how to proceed, a family member suggested I see a counsellor. Very reluctant to do so, 'why would I need to see anyone?' I took out the yellow pages, and emailed Joanna first. This made the initial contact very easy. Then a call to arrange a meeting, I had no need to be so reluctant.

I met with Joanna in a very friendly private atmosphere, where she diagnosed me with depression. We talked and after every visit a felt more of a weight lifting off my head, the volcano was starting to release pressure. And over time I learnt how to deal with how I was feeling and have the strength to ask myself the questions 'what I needed, and what I wanted?'.  I now have my life back on track, back with my partner and have no worries with what the future brings. With the help of Joanna I am happier than ever, as I said to her you 'fixed me'. C.W. (Depression)

I have been seeing Joanna for about six months. I was having some relationship issues which my partner was not prepared to tackle on a couple counselling basis. I went to Joanna with many ‘bad’ thoughts about myself, some self esteem issues arising from my relationship with my mother and an alcoholic father, and sexual abuse as a child from my maternal grandfather. This cocktail of issues was causing me to try to be a ‘coper’, the strong one, never to show vulnerability, and to be very hard on myself (trying to be perfect). This caused some friction at times with my partner.

These awarenesses came from Joanna’s caring and skilful listening skills and obvious experience with clients with these issues. I enjoyed the fact that she didn’t just mirror what I said (I have experienced counsellors before who are reluctant to put in an opinion or try out ideas or reasons for behaviours) and was empathetic at all times to my feelings and experiences.

By the end of my counselling I felt better able to deal with my side of the relationship issues, and accept those things I couldn’t change. I felt better able to forgive myself for not being perfect, and to experiment with showing more vulnerability and asking for help and support.

Thank you Joanna S.W.

A brief reflection on our time together. When we first met I was overwhelmed by a long series of difficult experiences culminating in the loss of a beloved companion of 20 years. I had lost touch with my self.

You gave me a quiet, consistent and gently challenging space to tell my story and more importantly to let me hear it myself. As you continued to listen and to notice me, I was also reminded to do this. Paradoxically, in exploring and accepting where I have held on, I have become increasingly more able to let go. This has been liberating.

As our sessions progressed, I was surprised by the very early memories that came up for me: a rediscovery of my own personal history. You helped me to reflect on how my early experiences might touch on my life today. You helped me consider my part in the lives of others, both personally and professionally, thereby highlighting the choices I have.

I began by looking for a therapist who was a Mother: that fact was important to me as I continued my own struggle with being a Mother, and yet, I discovered this worked on many more levels. You walked with me through my own experiences of being Mothered; Mothering, separating, and onto the next generation.

I have been helped to return to me. Thank you for your gentle presence.L.McC,

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Joanna does not tell you what you should do but through her patience and expert counselling she enables you to take control and come to a realisation of the root of the problem and then works with you to deal with that root. I feel so liberated and am eternally thankful to her.