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Here for you


Self development to gain our full potential is what many of us strive for; it helps us to clarify who we are, what we want, and how to achieve our goals. Counselling for personal development is often undertaken by those who recognise that knowing more about themselves will help them to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

To help you with your self-development at Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy we will take time to find and approach that suits you best; it can be person centred counselling, integrative approach or personal coaching using elements of solution focussed therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Joanna allowed me to put my difficulties into context and recognise that few could have lived up to the expectations that I have set myself. The experience has also encouraged me to recognise what's important in life and what matters most, as sometimes we lose our way through no fault of our own.