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Here for you


Depression can come out of nowhere or can be a reaction to something happening to us. People often do not understand why they are like that, it is invisible after all. If people have a broken leg, they go to the doctor, but when someone has depression, they do not know what to do.

People who have depression feel low and lack energy and are exhausted all the time. Some people are sad or feel nothing, are tearful, irritable or angry with a ‘short fuse’. People who are depressed do not enjoy things that they used to, they loose appetite or they comfort eat to excess. Their sleep pattern may be affected as well as concentration and memory. They can see no future. There is a loss of hope. Depression often has a knock on effect on their relationships and work.

If you are looking for help with your depression, counselling and psychotherapy will help you to get to the root of your low mood and to deal with the cause. At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy we often incorporate elements of cognitive behavioural therapy to help to lift the maintaining cycle of low mod.

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When you know something is not right with yourself, whether it be physical pain or emotional unrest, it should not be put to the back of your head, where slowly it can eat away at you. Over time I let this happen, hiding physical pain and emotional sadness for the sake of others, therefore forgetting about my own life and happiness. I would plod along going from day to day, as if life was a production line.

Having lost family members in the past 2 years, undergoing a serious operation, fearing redundancy and breaking up with a long term partner, I felt like my head was like a volcano, a volcano that would not release pressure...

Nothing made me happy nor sad, distancing myself from loved ones and having no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Unsure how to proceed, a family member suggested I see a counsellor. Very reluctant to do so, 'why would I need to see anyone?' I took out the yellow pages, and emailed Joanna first. This made the initial contact very easy. Then a call to arrange a meeting, I had no need to be so reluctant.

I met with Joanna in a very friendly private atmosphere, where she diagnosed me with depression. We talked and after every visit a felt more of a weight lifting off my head, the volcano was starting to release pressure. And over time I learnt how to deal with how I was feeling and have the strength to ask myself the questions 'what I needed, and what I wanted?'.  I now have my life back on track, back with my partner and have no worries with what the future brings. With the help of Joanna I am happier than ever, as I said to her you 'fixed me'.

C.W. (Reactive Depression)