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Here for you


Anxiety is a feeling of fear and discomfort, which we experience when faced with a dangerous situation. Everyone feels some anxiety at different times during their life and it is normal. But often anxious feelings produce unpleasant side effects of sweating, tension, panic and avoidance behaviour. If left untreated it can cause wider difficulties in relationships, at work and in general mood levels.

If you do feel anxious at times and would like help with those feelings, counselling and psychotherapy can help you by exploring the roots of anxiety and finding factors that maintain anxiety.

At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy in Kraków Kliny we offer anxiety counselling and psychotherapy for difficulties such as general worries, social anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness and extreme shyness.

These issues respond well to counselling and psychotherapy including the incorporation of cognitive behavioural therapy principles and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

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Joanna allowed me to put my difficulties into context and recognise that few could have lived up to the expectations that I have set myself. The experience has also encouraged me to recognise what's important in life and what matters most, as sometimes we lose our way through no fault of our own.