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Here for you

Low self esteem

Self esteem is how well you think about yourself; it often stems from childhood but can also be a result of other difficult life events. People with low self esteem often struggle to believe that they are worthy , feel unlovable and powerless. Low self esteem can cause a wide range of personal and social difficulties and have an impact on our performance.

If you never quite feel that you’re good enough and put yourself down all the time you could be suffering from low self-esteem. Other symptoms of low self esteem include being too scared to try new things, unsure of your good qualities, being timid, and not asserting yourself.

At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy we can help you to explore the reasons behind and overcome your low self esteem.

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Joanna does not tell you what you should do but through her patience and expert counselling she enables you to take control and come to a realisation of the root of the problem and then works with you to deal with that root. I feel so liberated and am eternally thankful to her.