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Here for you

How to book an appointment?

It is difficult to make the first step and to find a therapist that you feel you will be able to trust. For this reason you are very welcome to call me first to get a sense whether I am the right therapist for you. If you decide to make the first appointment, below you may find some some useful information:

How long is a session?

Individual sessions last 50 minutes each and most often they are held weekly. Sometimes to achieve best results and get deep to the root of the problem, twice a week meetings are recommended. .

Couple therapy sessions last 75 minutes and usually are arranged every 2 to 3 weeks. However sometimes to start well, we may agree to meet every week. We will discuss the frequency and agree what is best for you during the first meeting.

How much a counselling session cost?

  • An individual face to face session for adults or adolescents is 250 zl
  • .
  • An individual online session for adults or adolescents is 300 zl
  • .
  • Couple counselling sessions or family sessions (face to face) cost 450 zl.

    How can I pay for the session?

    Payments are usually made by cash at the end of each session.

    What about the cancellations?

    Should you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please give at least 48 hrs notice. Missed or cancelled appointment with less than 48 hours will incur a full fee.

    I offer appointments in my consulting room in the city centre, at ul. Limanowskiego 9/4, Kraków. Please call me on 508 895 880 to arrange a suitable time.

    If after the first session you feel that this is not for you, let me know and I would be happy to help you to find another therapist. Otherwise we will arrange another session at a time that suits us both.

  • Contact Us

    To arrange a telephone consultation or to book your first appointment, please call us on: 508 895 880

    When you know something is not right with yourself, whether it be physical pain or emotional unrest, it should not be put to the back of your head, where slowly it can eat away at you. Over time I let this happen, hiding physical pain and emotional sadness for the sake of others, therefore forgetting about my own life and happiness. I would plod along going from day to day, as if life was a production line.

    Having lost family members in the past 2 years, undergoing a serious operation, fearing redundancy and breaking up with a long term partner, I felt like my head was like a volcano, a volcano that would not release pressure...

    Nothing made me happy nor sad, distancing myself from loved ones and having no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Unsure how to proceed, a family member suggested I see a counsellor. Very reluctant to do so, 'why would I need to see anyone?' I took out the yellow pages, and emailed Joanna first. This made the initial contact very easy. Then a call to arrange a meeting, I had no need to be so reluctant.

    I met with Joanna in a very friendly private atmosphere, where she diagnosed me with depression. We talked and after every visit a felt more of a weight lifting off my head, the volcano was starting to release pressure. And over time I learnt how to deal with how I was feeling and have the strength to ask myself the questions 'what I needed, and what I wanted?'.  I now have my life back on track, back with my partner and have no worries with what the future brings. With the help of Joanna I am happier than ever, as I said to her you 'fixed me'.

    C.W. (Reactive Depression)