Here for you | Counselling & Psychotherapy by Joanna Satula-McGirr
Here for you

Work-Career Issues

Work is a big part of our lives; it often helps us to define who we are and can give us joy and sense of fulfilment. It can also bring stress that takes toll on our performance, our well being and health.

At Kraków Counselling and Psychotherapy we can help with adjusting the home-work balance, as well as help to manage your anger, stress, job dissatisfaction or lack of confidence.

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Here For You really helped me overcome fear and anxiety. I have always been afraid of confronting people and standing up for myself. Joanna helped me to see that there was nothing to fear and I was able to make sense of my feelings and as a result I have learned to overcome in this area of my life. I never realised how much it had been holding me back, and through the sessions we unravelled the reason behind my feelings and fear.