Here for you | Counselling & Psychotherapy by Joanna Satula-McGirr
Here for you


It is difficult to make the first step and to find a therapist that you feel you will be able to trust. For this reason you are very welcome to call us and talk to us to get a sense of whether out therapist is the right person for you.

Sessions last 50 minutes and most often, to achieve best results and get deep to the root of the problem, regular, weekly meetings are recommended. However it all depends on the person and the issue you bring, so we will discuss the frequency and agree what is best for you during the first meeting.


Standard price for individual sessions for adults, children or adolescents is 170 zl, while couple counselling sessions or and family sessions cost 190 zl. For students or people on low income I do offer session for a discounted fee, which can be agreed during the first session.

Payments are usually made by cash at the end of each session. Should you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please give at least 24 hrs notice. Missed or cancelled appointment with less than 24 hours will incur a full fee, with an exemption of sudden illness.

I offer day and evening appointments in my consulting room at ul. Łódzka 12, in Kliny area of Krak√≥w, which is on the south of the city. City centre appointments, at ul. Limanowskiego 9/4, in the city centre are also available. Please call me on 508 895 880 to arrange a suitable time.

If after the first session you feel that this is not for you, we would be happy to help you to find another therapist. Otherwise we will arrange another session at a time that suits us both.

Contact Us

To arrange a telephone consultation or to book your first appointment, please call us on: 508 895 880

Joanna allowed me to put my difficulties into context and recognise that few could have lived up to the expectations that I have set myself. The experience has also encouraged me to recognise what's important in life and what matters most, as sometimes we lose our way through no fault of our own.